A registration system to validate SME status of all business establishments that fullfill the SME definition.

SME Status Registration System

 The SME Status Registration System is a new initiative developed by SME Corp. Malaysia to ensure each SME that applies to participate in Government programmes or acquire assistance / incentives fulfils the SME definition which has been set by the Government. Companies / businesses that fulfil the definition are eligible to participate in programmes and obtain assistance / incentives provided by the Government through agencies such as SME Corp. Malaysia or any Ministries or agencies which adopt this SME definition. 

Who Should Register?

  • All business establishments in all economic sectors.
  • Business establishments that would like to check their status.
  • Business establishments that would like to acquire assistance and incentives targeted specifically for SMEs, which are provided by the Government.

What Can I get?

  • Confirmation of SME Status.
  • Once endorsed with SME Status, the company will receive an SME Status digital certification.
  • Validity period of SME Status certificate is two (2) years.
SME Status Registration

Is the SME Status Certificate a necessity for SMEs operating in Malaysia?

This status recognition is provided by SME Corp. Malaysia in order to assist businesses in participating in programmes or in applying for incentives and support specifically targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
This certification is not a requirement or mandatory regulation for operating businesses in Malaysia

The SME Status Certificate confirms a firm's size as an SME. Companies/businesses with the status are entitled to apply for programmes, as well as assistance and incentives specially for SMEs. However, it does not give an automatic approval for companies/ businesses to participate in the programmes or get incentives.

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