Interactive live session discussing topics relevant to entrepreneurs’ development by diverse lists of speakers.

Soal Usahawan - SME Corp. Malaysia

A series of online Pocket Talk on entrepreneurs & SMEs. Soal Usahawan serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, connect with each other and find support to overcome challenges, as well as a channel to provide business advisory services and dissemination of information.

Soal Usahawan feature subject matter experts and resourceful speakers, SME Corp. Malaysia’s Business Counsellors as well as inspiring entrepreneurs.

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Compact information sharing sessions – where the focus is on smaller group of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The sessions normally involve presentations and discussions on various topics by representatives from Ministries, Agencies and institutions with expertise in the related field.

Soal Usahawan

Not to be missed is the Entrepreneur Question session.

The sessions are informal 30 to 40 minutes and followed by an interactive Question & Answer (Q&A) session for better understanding.

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SME Corp. Malaysia is the national information and advising hub for SMEs. In addition to the SME Hub in Kuala Lumpur, SME Corp. Malaysia has 12 State Offices across the country to assist SMEs and entrepreneurs.